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If you wish to have surgery and it is indicated - we will schedule your nail surgery at this apt. Surgery can be carried out within 24 hours if necessary.

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The procedure is performed under local anesthetic. The injection is given at the base of the toe and is generally more comfortable than a dental injection, so you won't feel any pain when you undertake the procedure.

Would you like to have some conservative treatment to your nail, book here

The full package cost for surgery

Nail surgery what's included:

  • 1. Surgery

  • 2. Redressing 2-3 days later with MLS Class 4 Medical Laser application for healing.

  • 3. Apt 7 days post-surgery for dressing and checkup and final check

  • 4. MLS Class 4 Medical Laser application.

  • 5. Antibiotics if indicated

  • 6. Written communication of surgery to your GP

£360 Nail Surgery for 1 nail If you need 2 nails the price for both on the same day is £420


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